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Online Bookings FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions related to online bookings.

Can I change the lead booker?
As the original booking agreement was made with the lead booker it is not possible to change who is set as the lead booker.

Can I transfer my booking to someone else?
Bookings can not be transferred to a different person. If the lead booker can no longer go on the holiday then the booking will need to be cancelled.

Can I change the dates of my booking?
No. The dates of an online booking can not be changed. In some circumstances it may be possible to extend/reduce the length of the booking by adding an 'amendment' to the booking. If you wish to do this please discuss it further with the owner.

Can I pay by bank transfer or cheque?
No. All online bookings must be paid for using a debit/credit card within the booking platform. Do not make any payments to the owner outside of the booking platform as your payment will not be covered in the event of any problems.